Conductor, Pianist, Educator

Master of Music in Conducting
Doctor in Musical Arts, Sydney University


The Colombian Conductor Luis F Madrid has won a large reputation as the most outstanding conductor in his country. Conductor, pianist and educator he is regarded a very versatile musician with more than ten years conducting the most representative orchestras in Colombia. His multifaceted career includes performances as soloist and conductor with repertoire that covers symphonic and opera. He is been awarded with the most important scholarships such as CET university of Sydney (2011). Colfuturo – ANH – National Hydrocarbon Agency (2010). Colfuturo (2010) and the Unique New Zealand Education Service Ltd, English Studies scholarship in 2009.

Luis F Madrid has been instructed by the most recognized conductors, among them, Baldur Brönnimann, chief conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia. Eckehard Stier, artistic director of Auckland Philharmonia orchestra, Simon Carrington, founder of the King Singers, Eduardo Diazmuñoz Gomez and Imre Pallo among others.

He has participated in many courses and studies. The most significant include, the National EAFIT conducting workshop, the I National OSNC conducting Workshop, Choir conducting and singing with Universidad de los Andes, the II National OSNC Conducting Workshop, III Iberoamerican Congress of Culture, National choral conducting Workshop Universidad Nacional de Colombia, IV National OFB Conducting Workshop, III National OFB Conducting, XIII International symphonic wind band Conducting Seminar, I Choral conducting Workshop Choir Santa Fe, Advanced Grammar studies in conducting at the Cooperative Philharmonic and the Children and Youth Choir Conducting Seminar at the St. Cecilia Choir.

His commitment to education has continued for more than 15 years, teaching, conducting, piano and music theory at the most representative universities and colleges in Colombia. Beside his conducting engagements he continues to attend conducting workshops and master classes instructing the new generation of musicians in Colombia.

Currently Luis F Madrid attends the DMA program at the University of Sydney.

Critical Acclaim

His has an impressive capacity of conducting by heart, his memory is amazing
MANUEL GALDUFF, Conductor, Spain
He conducts with his soul
AMPARO ANGEL, Composer, Colombia
He has a warm gesture and quite a precise beat, what a beautiful gesture
JOSEP PRATS, Choir Conductor, Spain
He possess’ expressiveness and musical energy
ANDRES OROZCO ESTRADA, Conductor, Colombia
Bravo, Bravissimo
JOSE SREBRIER, Conductor, Uruguay
He has expressiveness, wonderful flexible and beautiful hands
ECKEHARD STIER, Conductor, Germany
He has a gentle gesture and a natural authority
SIMON CARRINGTON , King Singer’s founder
He has a Future!!!
BALDUR BRONNIMANN, Conductor, Switzerland